Why a Destination Wedding

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Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life, ensuring perfection is what our Destination Wedding Specialists do best. Your vision will be brought to life in an exotic location surrounded by those who love. Contact one of our wedding professionals today for your free consultation.

When planning your wedding, there are so many factors that are overlooked. Many couples find out too late what is involved causing a very stressful time.  Today, Destination Weddings are easier than ever with resorts giving you free reign to design it yourself.  Many places give you a complimentary wedding once your honeymoon is booked.  Contact one of our Wedding Specialists today and have all of your questions answered.

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Destination Wedding Tips

Ensure the company you choose (hopefully Riverside Tours and Travel) has been to the location and knows the staff.  This is imperative to ensure every detail goes smoothly and it expedites the process and communication process for you.

You should plan your Destination Wedding at least one year out is possible.  This ensures s your dates and time are available and it allows time for your guests to pay for their stay. If you choose a popular date be sure to book a year or so in advance to ensure availability.  The dates go quickly so book early.  If you are not picking a popular date then a year out is fine. 

While the wedding couple typically stays seven nights most guests stay three nights.  Some guests may choose to stay longer.  Usually when the bride and groom marry on a Saturday, they guest leave on that Sunday giving the bride and groom time for their honeymoon. 

When choosing a location, know the marriage requirements for the location.  Some require 48 hours residency while others require 72 hours.  In addition, some require blood tests or medical exams.  Riverside Tours and Travel knows each location requirement.

Know the difference between civil, religious and symbolic destination weddings.  Each is different and have separate requirements in different locations.  Ask our Destination Wedding Specialist to work with you to ensure all requirements are met. 

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Destination Wedding Ideas

The cost of a destination wedding is considerably less than a traditional wedding and in most cases your wedding along with your planner is free.
You are ensured guests that attend will have a wonderful time and the resort is big enough so everyone will have something to make them happy.

You are given more time to see friends and family members taking the stress out of trying to see everyone in a few hours.

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